Berlin 2013

I went back home one mounth ago . With the europeans classes, we went for one week on our penpal ' family in Berlin . For me it was a bit different , I didn' t know my future host family before the trip . And when we arrived next to their school after 22 hours in the coach , it was the suprise !!!

My penpal ' s name is Gesa . She is 14 and she have a sister who is 18. But I didn't meet her because she was in Australia for the year so I slept in her bedroom. Her parents are teachers and with the family, we spoke french. They were very good at french almost bilingual !The meals delicious but the meal times were strange .. One day , we began to eat at 4 PM !! During our free time with our families , th firts week-end  Gesa and her father took me to a special zoo !

Blog de dnljosephinep : joblog, Berlin 2013

Blog de dnljosephinep : joblog, Berlin 2013

Some photos of the zoo , a kangaroo and an ostrich ! I love her face ! {#}

The rest of the week was tiring but I discoverd many things . The first day ,we vivited the Est of Berlin by coach and we stopped next to the East Side Gallery .

Blog de dnljosephinep : joblog, Berlin 2013Blog de dnljosephinep : joblog, Berlin 2013

The afternoon , the visit of the Reichstag' s cupola was organized ! A the top of the cupola , there was a beautiful panorama of the city ! Blog de dnljosephinep : joblog, Berlin 2013

The evening, french and german pupils went to a bowling party and we had a great time even if I lost the party !

The second day , we saw the east of Berlin before the visit of the Olympic Stadium where took place the football final of France against Italy in 2006 ! And the afternoon we did a ballad in the Charlottenburg garden.

The third day, we passed the morning in the Ravensbruck ' s concentration camp .

Blog de dnljosephinep : joblog, Berlin 2013

The french memorial in the  Ravensbruck' s concentration camp.

The fourth day , we saw the Cecilienhof and , after a free time in the town center, we visied the Sans Souci castle . The evening a party was organized for all pupils and teachers ! everydody danced, ate and drink ! There was no alcohol ;-)

The last day it was a free time in Kurfurstendam street during 2 hours and a half . the afternoon ,we left Berlin with the coach for 22 hours .... This Berlin trip was my favourite and  we discovered lot of places .. It was very interesting and happily ! Blog de dnljosephinep : joblog, Berlin 2013

Postdam castle



jeudi 16 mai 2013 20:43

My work experience

One mounth ago, I was in a school for two days for my work experience. The childrens were six years old. During these days, I helped the mistress to classify the children' s tests because it was the end of the quarter. All students were exited because the next day , it was the february holydays !

The mistress gave me a work group and I learned them how write their surname. It was cute ! For the lunch time , I brang  childrens to the diving room .It was the worst time of the day : childrens were shouting during all the lunch !

I discovered two jobs and I had a great time with this class !!! This work experience is a very good memory for me !

Blog de dnljosephinep : joblog, My work experience

The class :

Blog de dnljosephinep : joblog, My work experience

The diving room

jeudi 21 mars 2013 18:50

Elementary my dear Watson

Last Tuesday, the " Compagnie d' Oz" went in our school,we could see a play called : "Elementary my dear Watson". The play is inspired by the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It was played by only three actors ! It was a sucess! {#}

The mains characters were : Jonathan Small, a British soldier,Prince Yademani,an Indian Prince,Major Sholto ,a British officer,Captain Morstan,who is Sholto's subordonate,Mary Morstan,Sholto's daughter,Dr Watson,the Sherlock Holmes associate and of course.. Sherlock Holmes the famous detective!!  {#}

At the beginning,the story take place in India in 1857. A fabulous treasure was stolen by two British soldiers to the Prince Yademani who was killes by them. Captain Morstan and Major Sholto recovered the treasure and they decided to keep it for themselves rather than give it to the Queen Victoria.

Thirty years later, the story continue in London. Mary Morstan the Captain Morstan daughter receive each years a pearl by an unknow person. She is worried, and she ask for help to Sherlock Holmes and his associate.This is the beginning of a long investigation with a murder an suspense...

I took some photos in



mardi 29 janvier 2013 18:50

Robots in medicine

In medicine , there is differents types of robots. Robots be used to surgery,care ,or even prosthetic.

In surgery,there is a very famous robot called Da Vinci. The Da Vinci system uses tools and performs movements way too  delicate for any human. It arms are guided by a team of surgeons viewing the details of the operation with a camera .Blog de dnljosephinep : joblog, Robots in medicine

In care ,there is a robot help care called RIBA . It can transport humans weihing 61 kilo! When RIBA suppport a patient, it is always attended by a human, for security reasons, it also helps to reassure the patient maintaining contact by gesture or voice.

Blog de dnljosephinep : joblog, Robots in medicine

Prosthetic is one of the types of medical robots wherein some parts of human body are replaced with robots. One example,of this is a  prosthetic hand . This is when a person lose s his hand and uses medical robots technolgy to help them for their.(Here you can see a report about a patient who lose his hand)

vendredi 18 janvier 2013 19:07

I wish you a merry Chrismas !!!

Blog de dnljosephinep :joblog, I wish you a merry Chrismas !!!

Have a good chrismas evening and happy holidays!

lundi 24 décembre 2012 15:37


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